Head Protection

Head Protection Equipments have the main function of safeguarding the worker’s skull from external aggressions while working. Its correct use will avoid impact resulting from falling objects, striking ones head against an obstacle or other aggressive factors, such as: electrical shock, acid and incandescent protections.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protectors must be used whenever work is done in an environment pervaded by a continuous and concentrated noise, in order to minimize negative consequences over the hearing system, tiredness, irritation, as well as other psychological based problems.

Respiratory System Protection

The IPE suited for respiratory system protection must allow the supply of breathable air to the user while he’s exposed to a polluted atmosphere and/or with an insufficient oxygen concentration.

Eyes and Face Protection

Eyes and face protections such as: glasses, facial goggles, welding masks, etc, must be used in works where there is the risk of: Projection of particles, dust, paint, corrosive liquids, gases and vapors effect.

Hands and Arms Protection

Hands and arms protection must be made through the use of special gloves, in the proper materials and shape, while executing works that present the risk of cutting, burning, abrasion and corrosion of the hands, and that require handling of toxic, irritating or infectious substances.

Body Protection

All protective clothing must be selected minding its user and the various dangers that he is exposed to, during his working activity.

Feet and Legs Protection

In order to ensure the protection of the lower limbs, we must use comfortable, durable footwear fully adequate to the risk at hand. This protection can be made through the use of: shoes, boots and hight boots.

Fall Arrest Systems

Fall prevention systems include various products adapted to the exposed fall from height risks, in order to prevent falls from a height or their effects.

Disposable Products

Disposable products are indispensable in industries or in sectors such as health, food, laboratories, veterinary and others. Products such as suits, caps, copper shoes, marks or gloves, are part of disposable PPE.

Safety Signs

Warning signs should be used as a complement to the safety measures adopted by the companies. It can be used to provide an indication or an obligation, its correct use may help to prevent risks.